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Federal Government in stand off with Puntland over examination results
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Federal Government in stand off with Puntland over examination results

More than 1600 students who sat for their exams their final secondary school certificates in Puntland will not be given their national examination after the education minister has ruled out  the government will not recognize the students who have not sat for the official standardized tests.
In an interview with the VOA Somali education minister, Abdullahi Goddah Barre said Somalia's government will not accept the results of any other standardized test except for the one issued by his ministry of education.
"The secondary school certification test is the responsibility of the federal government. Only those who sit for the standardized tests will receive the Secondary School certificate."
  On the other hand, Puntland regional state minister of education Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan dismissed Barre's remarks saying he can refuse to give certificates if he owns personal ownership of Somalia's secondary school certificates.   "If Barre has personal ownership of Somalia's Secondary School certificate than he is free to refuse it, but if he is representing the Somali government then he has no right to make such a decision," said Minister Abdullahi Mohamed Hassan
National exams started on Saturday and are expected to end on Wednesday but Puntland regional state commenced exams one week earlier.