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Somalia snubs Ethiopia in Nile dispute

Somalia snubs Ethiopia in Nile dispute

Somalia has rejected  Arab League position to support  Egypt in its dispute with Ethiopia over the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.
The Arab League had called on Ethiopia to delay the filling of the dam until an agreement with Egypt and Sudan is reached.
Tensions have been rising between Ethiopia and Egypt in recent days as negotiations on sharing of the Nile waters collapsed, with Sudan, the third party to the dispute over the Nile, taking the side of Egypt. Last week, Egypt formally asked the UN Security Council to intervene.
Somalia, a member of the Arab League, has recently made it clear it was not going to take a side in the row between the two countries.
Foreign Minister Ahmed Isse Awad, in comments he made at yesterday’s meeting, called on the three countries involved to reach a mutually beneficial settlement on the matter through dialogue.
Relations between neighbors Somalia and Ethiopia have warmed since Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed came to power. Abiy, who has sought to bring Horn of Africa countries closer, has also developed close ties with Somali President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo.
The two leaders have met multiple times and have been working together to create closer cooperation between nations of the region.
Egypt and Somalia, meanwhile, have taken opposing sides of the Gulf nations’ dispute between Qatar and Turkey on one side and Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and a majority of Arab countries on the other, with Mogadishu establishing close relations with Turkey and Qatar.