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Somalia military blockades roads over salary arrears
Somali News

Somalia military blockades roads over salary arrears

Somalia military personnel have Soldiers gone on strike in the Somali capital on Sunday blocking roads over unpaid salaries.
There was tension between the troops and Amisom as local troops barred the former from intervening in the standoff.
Radio Dalsan witnesses saw soldiers some armed stopping traffic at several locations including the major road which goes to the parliament near Naaso Hablod.
According to Hassan Hussein of the division 27 division of the Somali National Army, they have not been paid for one year eight months.
"I have not been paid for over one year and I have returned from the battlefield last night I heard the president say he paid us during his address on the parliament that is not the truth," said Hassan Hussein of the national army.
Somali Soldiers are paid about $100 a month but the united states and Britain both major funders of efforts to rebuild the army,  supplement that with an extra monthly payment of $100.
Somalia has been mired in violence and lawless since the early 1990s when dictator Mohamed Siyad Barre was toppled.