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Kenya set to reopen border with Somalia
Somali News

Kenya set to reopen border with Somalia

Kenya government revealed plans to reopen the Lamu section of the Kenya-Somalia border.
In June last year, the government closed the border with Somalia, including the Kiunga cross-border point in Lamu to block routes used by smugglers, terrorists and human traffickers.
Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia said plans are now underway to allow the fishermen and traders, especially those dealing in miraa in the region, to resume their cross-border trade despite the border remaining closed.
Mr Machaira said he has been receiving complaints from fishermen and other business owners concerning the effects brought about by the existing ban on cross border trade.
He said he is also aware that fishing and tourism, which are key to Lamu's economy, have totally collapsed owing to the Covid-19 pandemic.
He said in order to revive the affected sectors, the county security committee, the county government leadership and other stakeholders will soon be convene a meeting to seek a way forward that could see fishermen and other traders allowed to cross to Somalia to conduct their activities under strict rules.