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Farmaajo Finally Recognizes Madobe As Jubaland Leader
Somali News

Farmaajo Finally Recognizes Madobe As Jubaland Leader

President Farmajo has climbed down from his hardstand and finally recognised Ahmed Mohamed Islam “Madobe” as the dully elected leader of Jubaland.
A statement from Villa Somalia official urged Madoobe to gather all Jubaland stakeholders to start reconciliation and talks for 2 years.
Sources told Dalsan that it took pressure from the international community for the government to make the announcement.
Analysts say the move is seen as a way of mending fences ahead of general elections.
President Farmajo had initially refused to recognise Madobe following his reelection.
The Federal government at some point banned all flights to the regional state, a move that left some leaders who wanted to attend Madobe's swearing-in stranded in Mogadishu.
Madobe has been on a charm offensive, reconciling with his rivals in talks brokered in Nairobi.