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Galmudug president rally locals against Alshabab
Somali News

Galmudug president rally locals against Alshabab

The president of the of Galmudug State of Somalia, Ahmed Abdi Kariye (QoorQoor)  has urged residents of  Bandarqaali  Mudug region to help weed out Alshabab militants.
The president QoorQoor was accompanied by MPs from the federal government and state ministers and was welcomed by Mudug region officials.
The president met local elders and discussed the state of the area.
He urged locals to work with the authorities to report any suspicious activity defeat Alshabab.
“Without the support of the public, our administration could do nothing, therefore we need your held to continue our work,” he urged the locals.
Galmudug was the past weeks conducting special operation disarming the clan militia.