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Woman sentenced to death for stealing baby
Somali News

Woman sentenced to death for stealing baby

A woman has been sentenced to death by a  court in Bari, Somalia for stealing a baby.
The woman identified as Rukia Abdirahman Mohamed was convicted on her on admission of stealing a baby girl aged 1 year in Bosaso who later died at her house.
"After the court listened to the witnesses and found guilty Rukia Abdirahman of doing the act the court has sentenced her to death,"  said judge Abukar Abdi Nur in his ruling.
" I'm very happy with the court judgement and I was expecting the rule," said Sayyid Ali Ibrahim a relative of the baby.
Ismail Ali Noor a husband to Rukia was sentenced to three years in prison for being part alarming the authorities after his wife stole the baby.