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Police detonates land mine in Mogadishu
Somali News

Police detonates land mine in Mogadishu

Security forces in Mogadishu have detonated a land mine that was set in Hodan district Mogadishu.
Police spokesman Dhame Sadiq Adan in an interview with  Dalsan radio said they were informed by the residents, after which the moved into action.
No one was injured during the exercise.
As the officers were turning off the landmine they closed the road and businesses which were around that area.
The police spokesman Dhame said they are also conducting special operation to detonate landmines in the capital city.
It is barely less than a week after a bomb struck a minibus near the capital city Mogadishu and killed at least 10 people and wounded 12 others in Afgoye Mogadishu road.