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Somalia received $1.9 billion of development assistance  in 2019
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Somalia received $1.9 billion of development assistance in 2019

Somalia received US$ 1.9 billion in official development assistance (ODA) in 2019, comprised of roughly equal volumes of humanitarian (US$ 934 million) and development aid (US$ 924 million).
 The World Bank, United Kingdom, European Union and Germany were the largest providers of development aid in 2019, together providing more than 50% of total development aid (approximately US$ 500 million).
The United States provided nearly half of all humanitarian aid in 2019 (US$ 455 million). Donors increased their contributions to the SDRF Funds in 2019 to US$ 225 million, compared with US$ 190 million in 2018.
The share of development aid channeled through the SDRF Funds increased from 32% in 2019 compared with 24% in 2018. The European Union has been the largest contributor to the SDRF Funds since they were established, with US$ 186.2 million in total contributions between 2014 and 2019.
There was an increase in reported project-level disbursements in all Federal Member States in 2019, relative to 2018. A large portion of project-level disbursements in FMS are for health, food security and education.