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UN expresses outrage over killing of aid workers Bal'ad district
Somali News

UN expresses outrage over killing of aid workers Bal'ad district

An international outcry has greeting the abduction and killing of nine  health care workers whose  bodies  were dumped along a highway.

"[Nine] health workers in Gololeey vicinity health clinic were abducted last night by unknown forces. Their bodies have been dumped on the highway near Gololeey. They have been slaughtered all. They were working for Zamzam Humanitarian agency! So tragic indeed,” a Bal'ad district security official said on condition of anonymity.

 Deputy Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for Somalia, Mr. Adam Abdelmoula,  said I he strongly condemn this outrage and await a thorough and transparent investigation.

I am shocked to hear seven Somali health personnel and a civilian were abducted from an NGO-run health clinic located in Gololey village, Balcad District, Middle Shabelle region on 27 May. All eight were subsequently killed. Preliminary information indicates that they suffered brutal deaths”

He added “Attacks against medical facilities and personnel are unacceptable and a breach of international humanitarian law and any common decency. It is unbelievable that this attack comes at a time when Somalia is grappling to contain a triple threat of a pandemic, flooding and the resurgence of desert locust”.