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AMISOM troops repulses Alshabab attack
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AMISOM troops repulses Alshabab attack

 In the early hours of Monday, May 25, 2020, Jubaland Security Forces beat back Al-Shabaab militants who attacked their base and training center in Dhobley. Al-Shabaab lost several men and a range of weapons were left behind as they hastily retreated in defeat.
About 20 Al-Shabaab terrorists attacked the base using rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles but found formidable resistance in the Jubaland forces who stood their ground and defended their position. The terrorists were driven back when a team from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) quickly arrived to reinforce the Jubaland Forces.
“We dispatched our Quick Reaction Forces to support Jubaland forces who had come under attack from the terrorists. They were no match, quickly they pulled back and fled, but not before our forces had inflicted serious damage on them. Al-Shabaab suffered significant losses with several of their fighters dead and injured. Only one Jubaland soldier sustained light injuries. He was treated at the AMISOM Level II Hospital in Dhobley and has since been discharged,” said Brigadier Paul Njema, AMISOM Sector 2 Commander.
AMISOM sector 2 is based in the southern border town of Dhobley in Jubaland State of Somalia and is manned by Kenya Defence Forces. Under the Somalia Transition Plan (STP), AMISOM and the Somali Security Forces conduct several joint operations as part of the efforts to disrupt and degrade terrorist and armed groups.
Just this year, AMISOM and Somali Security Forces have registered significant security gains, which have degraded and disrupted Al-Shabaab’s operational capabilities across Somalia. On 16th March, under “Operation Badbaado” Al-Shabaab was dislodged from the bridge town of Janaale in Lower Shabelle. The recovery of Janaale was a serious blow to Al-Shabaab, as the town was a strategic stronghold for the group’s operations in Lower Shabelle and Mogadishu. Janale was also a hub for manufacturing VBIEDs and IEDs. Beyond Janale, targeted operations by AMISOM and Somali Security Forces in Bula Xaaji on 20th March destroyed the terrorist group’s positions and considerably reduced their capabilities.
On 15th April, AMISOM forces together with Jubaland security forces repelled a late-night attack on Bilis Qooqani town, killing and arresting several Al-Shabaab terrorists in the process.