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Seven die after exhibiting COVID19 symptoms
Somali News

Seven die after exhibiting COVID19 symptoms

seven people have been reported dead in Adado town of Galgaduud due to respiratory illnesses.
More than fifty others have been hospitalized in Adado hospital and suspected to have contracted Coronavirus after showing COVID-19 like symptoms.
Residents say a lot of have passed away the past couple days increasing death rate in Adado town.
Reports indicate Adado hospital Adado town does not have COVID-19 equipment and oxygen to help the patients with shortness in breathing.
Adado town health authorities have not commented on the patients taken to the hospital and are showing COVID-19 like symptoms.
According to the minister of health Fowzia Abikar Nur, Somalia has recorded 1689 confirmed cases while 235 patients have recovered from the virus death toll stands at 66