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6 Killed In Somalia Plane Crash
Somali News

6 Killed In Somalia Plane Crash

2 Kenyan pilots, a Kenyan flight engineer and 3 Somalia national were on Monday killed when their plane was hit and crashed near Bardale in Somalia. The cargo plane a Eubreur 120 registered 5Y AXO belonging to African Express was crashed 5km to Bardale Airstrip. Those dead are identified as ;
  • Capt. Hassan Hassan Musa
  • Flight Officer Mabruk
  • Flight Engineer Charles
  • Umar- Crew
The 2  others are Somalia nationals identified
  • Ali Madahgadud
  • Said  Abdi Mohamed
The plane is said to have been taking a consigment of medicine for aid agency ICRC. There has been no official statement frkm Somalia Civil Aviation Authority as to what caused the plane crash. Bardale Airstrip is manned by Ethiopian Amisom troops. Recently however there have been recorded movement of non Amisom ENDF troops near Bardale.