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"I am Covid-19 Positive" Somali Journalist Abdiaziz Africa  Says

A SNTV  journalist who recently paid a visit to a COVID-19 patient at the De-Martino Hospital has publicly announced that he has tested positive for the virus. 'While I don't show the symptoms of the virus, I joined fellow citizens who had contracted COVID-19," wrote Abdiaziz Africa, who works for the Somali National TV, on his FB page. "I recently paid a visit to a place I shouldn't have visited, but my purpose was to go to the rescue of a colleague who was neglected at the De-Martino facility. I received criticism for the visit, which I finally accepted, thus going into isolation. Meanwhile on Monday, journalist Abdimalik Oldon, who has been held in detention in Somaliland since last year for criticising the Somaliland leadership on Facebook, has been tested for COVID-19. The journalist reportedly showed COVID-19-like symptoms, such as persistent cough and body ache over the past several days. The test results are being awaited. The development with his health comes days after Amnesty International demanded his unconditional release. "We hope, someday, there will be accountability for the egregious violation of Abdimalik’s basic human rights," tweeted Abdullahi Hassan, a researcher with Amnesty International.