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Somalia Gov't Adjust Covid19 Curfew After 2 Deaths & Protests
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Somalia Gov't Adjust Covid19 Curfew After 2 Deaths & Protests

Police in Mogadishu have backed down on new curfew measures after protests in the city.
According to police chief Abdi Hassan Hijar there has been a changed from 7 p.m to 5 a.m to 8 pm  5 am.
The protestors were seen in roads chanting ''no police no curfew''  as they burned tyres and the posters Farmajo in the streets of Mogadishu, the protest started last night after a policeman allegedly shot 2 civilians. ''I will start by sending my condolences to the family and it's hurting us when a police who is supposed to protect citizens commits such things, the law will punish anyone whether you work for the government or you are a normal citizen,  and the policeman who was identified as Hassan Adan Hassan will face the full force of the '' said the police boss Abdi Hassan Hijar. He also added the curfew is set to contain the viral coronavirus and never meant to hurt the civilians on anyway. The police commander has sacked the inspector of Bondere police station Najib Arab, the decision by the police boss Abdi Hijar to send the inspector packing came a day after a policeman allegedly killed two civilians. The policeman who killed the 2 civilians is identified as  Hassan Adan Hassan and is in custody confirmed by police. Police commander said the government will take full responsibility of the victims family for life.