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Hirshabelle constitution minister reinstated to office
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Hirshabelle constitution minister reinstated to office

Hirshabelle state president Mohamed Abdi Waare has reinstated his constitutional minister a day after being suspended.
Also reinstated is the chair of the regional court of the middle Shabelle both who were suspended for defying orders against public gathering,  this is after the speaker of Hirshabelle regional assembly, Osman Bare Mohamud has turned down the decision by President Waare.
“There should be no changes, appointment, sacking or suspension of officials of the regional state from 21st April since we are in a transitional period and in preparation of elections” A letter from Speaker Osman Bare said. the speaker also described the decision as misuse of power
The president of Hirshabelle implemented strict measures such as banning the movement of vehicles and enforcing night curfew to help reduce the spread of COVID-19 disease caused by the coronavirus, the two were suspended yesterday after they organised a public ceremony to welcome cultural leader in Jowhar after ignoring government set measures to curb the spread of COVID-19.
Somalia has reported 49 cases of COVID-19 last night bringing the national tally to 286 and death toll rose to 14 after 7 deaths were confirmed by the Ministry of Health, despite that Mogadishu has reported most of the cases and the city is under curfew at night but during the day markets and other places are overcrowded making it difficult for people to practice social distancing.