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Mogadishu Curfew to Continue During Ramadhan-Police

Mogadishu Curfew to Continue During Ramadhan-Police

The police in Mogadishu have vowed to continue enforcing strict curfew guidelines even in the holy month of Ramadhan.

The announcement was made after the second night of curfew on which the authorities observed that members of the public had been obeying the rules, making work easier.

This comes after second night of curfew took effect in Mogadishu last night in a bid curb the epidemic, there are 80 confirmed cases in Mogadishu 70 of them being men while the remaining 10 are women and 5 others succumbed to death.

Curfew in Mogadishu imposed at 8pm- 5am which started on  Wednesday 25th  April   . Praying in Mosques has also been banned as well as crowding in beaches.