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US Slams NISA Threats On Journalist Harun Maruf 

US Slams NISA Threats On Journalist Harun Maruf 

The US Embassy in Somalia has issued a statement slamming threats by spy agency NISA on renowned journalist Harun Maruf.

IN a tweet the embassy described Maruf as a “respected, professional” and “one of the most influential Somali journalists”

“NISA attacks threaten press freedom and independent media as a foundation of democratic accountable governance in Somalia” it added.

NISA had on Friday tweeted claims that  Harun Maruf a VOA journalist and the co-author of an in-depth book "Inside AlShabab" had “links” that were a “threat to the national security”.

The spy agency threatened to take legal action against Maruf.

The threats were however faced by a back clash from both local and international journalists backing the veteran journalist