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Al-Shabaab Took Over Areas In Lower Jubba

Al-Shabaab Took Over Areas In Lower Jubba

A gun battle that lasted for one hour took place in an area close to the Kenya and Somali border in Lower Juba between forces of the Jubbaland administration and Al-Shabaab. The fighting erupted when Al-Shabaab attacked a military base in Jubbaland in Dag-adde village located in Dhobley district. Residents reported that they heard gunfire exchange between Jubbaland and Al-Shabaab, although no casualty can be confirmed. In a statement released on Al-Shabaab's website, they claimed that they had taken full control of the Dag-adde, which hosted a military base for the Jubbaland administration. Al-Shabaab also claimed they had confiscated a vehicle mounted with a gun and addressed the public. There is no confirmation from the Jubbaland military officials regarding the fighting.

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