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Puntland President Takes Leave To Eyl Amidst Corona Fear 

Puntland President Takes Leave To Eyl Amidst Corona Fear 

The leader of Somalia’s  Puntland state Said Abdullahi Deni has been operating his duties from the coastal town of Eyl some 220km from the administrative capital Garowe since Friday, a source has confirmed to Radio Dalsan.

Deni is said to be in Eyl  “out of concern” of contracting the novel corona virus although no case has been confirmed yet in Garowe the administrative capital.

Only one person has been confirmed to have contracted the virus in Somalia. 

Puntland has been exemplary and led other regional states in taking measures to avoid the spread of covid-19. 


At the General Abshir International Airport all arrivals go through covid19 screening 

A center for covid-19 was established by Ministry of Health on March 11 at the Airport 


March 20 Deni announced the closure of all learning  institutions from elementary to universities 


This week the Ministry of  Religious affairs ordered the closure of all Mosques and Quran schools in the region 

Earlier  on the 7th March Puntland stopped all fishing boats from abroad for a month. Iranian fishing boats have been calling ports in the region. Iran has the 6th highest number of Covid-19 patients at 27017 and more than 2000 deaths.