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Ex NISA Chief Sanbalolshe Accuses Farmaajo Of Conspiracy Against

Ex NISA Chief Sanbalolshe Accuses Farmaajo Of Conspiracy Against "Majority" Clans

Former Somalia spy agency chief Abdullahi Mohamed Ali has opened up on his relation with President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo when he headed NISA. In an exclusive interview with Dalsan TV Sanbalolshe claimed that Farmaajo had ordered him to clamp down on Hawiye politicians including Galmudug regional leader Ahmed Duale Gelle Haaf. Sanbalolshe said that Farmaajo had adopted former President Siad Barre tactics of dealing with opposition from  perceived "rival" clans. "Farmaajo like Siad Barre has been targeting and undermining  politicians from Mogadishu and Puntland as some form of a revenge" he said in the interview. The former NISA chief revealed that at one point the Chief of Staff of Villa Somalia Fahad Yasin had opened up to him about a conspiracy by Farmaajo to clamp on politicians perceived to be critics of his administration. "Fahad confided to me in person that in order for Farmaajo to hold on to power he had to clip the political and financial powers of Mogadishu clans" he said. He cited the December 2017 raid on Wadajir Party leader Abdishakur Abdirahman's residence and recent flight ban imposed on former President Sheikh Sharif Ahmed as one of the plans by the head of state to silence politically powerful Mogadishu clans. "Farmaajo is a dictator and am afraid he will take this country back to destruction as Siad Barre did. We have been rebuilding this country in the last twenty years but unfortunately Farmaajo will is bent towars shattering our dreams of a peaceful Somalia" Sanbalolshe said. Sanbalolshe served Farmaajo as the Director of NISA from July 2014 until September when he was sacked after a surge in Alshabaab attacks within the capital. he was replaced by Abdirahman Mohamed Turyare.