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Somalia Minister  says Somaliland leaders should change with times

Somalia Minister says Somaliland leaders should change with times

A Somalia minister has dismissed Somalilands tough stance on Framajo's visit ill informed. Instread,Mohamed Abdi Hayir ‘Maareeye', a Somaliland-born Minister working for the Somalia Federal Government angrily responded by saying the leaders of the breakaway state are not serius Minister Hayir, called Somaliland politics one that was ‘driven by social khat-munching clubs and not guided by the brain'. "Somaliland has pursued an ineffectual, barren stand-alone policy for the past 28 years. This only succeeded to lock up the public and development initiatives in solitary confinement out of reach of the rest of the world," he said. "I call on Somaliland and its leaders to join the passing tide of development, peace, stability and forward-looking regional trends," he added, forgetting for a moment that he was the least qualified to advise so living where he was living. Mr Maareeye stated that whenever he met Somaliland politicians in locales outside of both Somalia and Somaliland countries, they admitted that ‘they could see the flaws of policies they followed but that they were afraid of public wrath' if they tried to challenge or change them. By saying so, the Somalia Minister inadvertently paid the greatest homage to Somaliland democracy and the government built on this principle: A government by the people, for the people. Maareeye, one of the leading Somaliland-born turncoat leaders opportunistically taking advantage of the absence of international recognition for Somaliland's re-affirmed sovereignty, veered off to any tangent in an attempt to wedge doubts of the future on Somaliland public. "Somalilanders come to Mogadishu looking for passports, licenses, national certifications and academic accreditations which they could not be provided by their conscripted leadership. I urge that the truth must be squarely faced and accepted," he said. Mr Maareeye, of course, although he did not say so in so many words was responding a government rejection of Farmajo's bandied visit and to an equally emphatic Somaliland public who have declared that they would rather take up arms again against Somalia than welcome its President to Hargeisa.