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How Fake Mp Scam Thousands Of Dollars As Galmudug Candidates Hunt Votes 

How Fake Mp Scam Thousands Of Dollars As Galmudug Candidates Hunt Votes 

A Radio Dalsan investigative report has exposed  a scam where persons masquerading as regional Mps have been demanding  money from Galmudug elections candidates in exchange of their “votes”.

Radio Dalsan reporter in Dhusamareb the administrative headquarters of the region says  the candidates in the hotly contested polls have fallen into the scam with most of them unacquainted to the recently appointed Mps.

Ahead of the Thursday regional Parliament Speaker’s election a local man presented himself as an MP at a Dhusamareb hotel where some Mps had gathered to receive cash from a representative of one candidate.

“He lined up like any other Mp. I thought he was an MP. I handed him $3000. We realised later that he was not an Mp. It turned out he is a well known person here. We couldn’t trace him ” a representative of a Speaker candidate told the Radio Dalsan investigative report.

89 Mps were listed by the Galmudug Elections Technical Committee on January 10. Most of the Mps are new faces in the politics of the region and unknown to the candidates and their representatives.

Bribery in Somalia’s national and regional elections has been part of the canvassing with million of dollars exchanging hands as candidates seek to win polls.

Radio Dalsan reporter says he confirmed with sources including three Mps and a candidate broker that  the cash bribe per Mp ranged from $3000 to $7000

Galmudug  presidential candidates on Saturday called for 2 week campaign period which they say is sufficient to meet and get to know the new Mps as they hunted for the votes.

Meanwhile Dhusamareb remains a busy town as the hunt for votes continues.

Four  candidates are contesting to be the Galmudug  regional President, federal government backed Ahmed Abdi Karie QoorQoor a former state minister Public Works , former Interior minister Abdirahman Mohamed Odawa, former State Interior Minister  Abdullahi Farah Wehliye and Wadajir Party founder Kamal Dahir Gutale.