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Kenyan Soldiers kill 4 Al-shabab members  after bus attack

Kenyan Soldiers kill 4 Al-shabab members after bus attack

Kenyan soldiers on Thursday killed four suspected Al-Shabaab fighters and captured one after a bus attack in Lamu County. Three people were killed while three others seriously injured when suspected Al-Shabaab militants attacked a bus headed to Lamu from Mombasa. The terrorists are said to have tried to forcefully stop the bus but the driver sped off, forcing them to spray the bus with bullets. County Commissioner Irungu Macharia said the identity of those killed and injured is yet to be established. PURSUE ATTACKERS Security teams were deployed to Nyongoro and the surrounding areas to pursue the attackers. Transport on the Lamu-Garsen road was disrupted after buses heading to Mombasa from Lamu and vice versa were directed to return to Witu Police station. Nation also established that an unspecified number of passengers in the bus jumped out of the windows and fled to nearby bushes after realising that their vehicle was under attack. Another passenger identified as Omar Yusuf told Nation that the number of casualties is expected to be higher. “The bus had more than 40 passengers and was sprayed randomly with bullets. It’s unfortunate that the number of deaths and injuries might be higher,” said Mr Yusuf. Incidents of suspected Al-Shabaab militants attacking passenger vehicles and security agencies are not new on the Lamu-Mombasa route. On January 13, 2018, a woman was killed and five police officers injured when a group of heavily armed militants attacked two Administration Police vehicles at Nyongoro area.