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Somali Police Force   set to mark 76th anniversary
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Somali Police Force set to mark 76th anniversary

The Somali Police Force (SPF) is today set to mark 76th anniversary since its inception. The main ceremony is set to take place in Mogadishu and other towns around the country. The law enforcement agency with motto ‘protect and serve’ was established on 20th December 1943 by the colonial master Italy. Before the fall of Siad Barre, the force was one of the most efficient in the African continent. In the recent past the force has built stronger structures, including recruiting younger and more educated people in to the force. Their operations have been above board, observing the rule of law while combating crime. Above all, the force has also seen the recruitment of Zakia Hussein, the first deputy chief of the force. She has performed exceptionally , rebuilding the image of once spited force and bringing in discipline while rewarding merit. Today Villa Somalia paid a glowing tribute to her. "As our Somali Police Force marks 76th anniversary in service delivery & professionalism, we proudly celebrate the input of the female members of the forces led b Deputy Chief Gen @ZakiaHussen for impacting change in the image of the forces and raising power of women in #Somali,” read a statement from Villa Somalia. A well-orchestrated ceremony to commemorate its establishment and those died in line of duty is taking place at Somali police transport department in the city. The celebrations were expected to take place yesterday but technical issue has necessitated to be move to Saturday.