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Jubaland Vice President Hiding In Mandera Hotel

Jubaland Vice President Hiding In Mandera Hotel "Under KDF Protection" After Fleeing BeledHawo

Somalia's Jubaland regional state Vice President Sayyid Adan has been holed up in a Mandera hotel  for 5 days after he was denied access into the Somalia town of BeledHawo by Ethiopian troops and local administration. A local official of the Mandera County told Radio Dalsan reporter in Mandera town that Adan and his entourage is under the protection of Kenya Defence Forces. Jubbaland last week sent an official complaint to the UN security council seeking the withdrawal of non-Amisom Ethiopia troops in the regional state. In the statement Jubaland claimed the Farmaajo administration and Ethiopia were colluding to frustrate the Ahmed Madoobe leadership. The statement pointed out that Vice President of the regional state was denied access into BeledHawo by Ethiopian troops. BeledHawo is the headquarters of Gedo which lies under Jubaland administration. Radio Dalsan has also learnt that the BeledHawo and much of Gedo region supports the Federal government in the ongoing tussle between Mogadishu and Kismayo. Farmaajo administration disputed  the recent outcome of the Jubaland presidential election putting the regional President Madoobe and Mogadishu on a row. Kenya on the other hand supported the results of the election that restored Madoobe administration and sent a delegation led by Leader of the Majority in Parliament Aden Dualle and 5 Mps  in the inauguration ceremony. That explains why VP Adam chose to flee to kenya and together with his delegation are now under the prorection of KDF.