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I Am Not Iddi Amin Son, Somali Man Says As New Vision Deletes

I Am Not Iddi Amin Son, Somali Man Says As New Vision Deletes "Fake Story"

An Islamic teacher  in Somalia has rubbished  a story published by Uganda's top newspaper New Vision claiming that he is the lost son of  dictator Idi Amin Dada by a Somali woman.

In the story published on the 25th October 2019 the New Vision reported that visiting Uganda Mps were introduced to Sheikh Abdullahi on the outskirts of Mogadishu as the son of the late dictator Idi Amin Dada. The Islamic teacher has a striking resemblance to the late Uganda leader

But speaking to Radio Dalsan on Thursday Sheikh Abdullahi  who admitted having met the Uganda Mps at a UPDF Amisom military base dismissed the story as "fake news".

"I was at the UPDF camp to lodge a complaint over an accident by one of the Amisom vehicles that hit my son" Abdullahi told Radio Dalsan.

His 7 year old son had been playing football when the Amisom military vehicle hit him.

"While at the camp to see how we could resolve my son's issue one of the Ugandan commanders told me that I looked like a Ugandan. I told him I am not Ugandan. After a while i was invited to meet the visiting Uganda Mps at the camp" Abdullahi said

He was then introduced to the Mps who had been accompanied by Uganda media.

"One of the Mps asked if I was the lost son of Idi Amin. Then all over sudden the photographer took photos of me and the Mps and all I know is that next I saw myself all over Facebook and newspapers claiming am Idi Amin son" he narrated.

The story by New Vision which claimed Idi Amin had sired a son with a Somali woman from Baidoa in South Central Somalia  appears to have been deleted on it's online version when we last searched it.