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PUNTLAND MINISTER OF WOMEN PRAISES ROLE OF WOMEN IN MEDIA “Women journalists are courageous and deserve to be supported”

PUNTLAND MINISTER OF WOMEN PRAISES ROLE OF WOMEN IN MEDIA “Women journalists are courageous and deserve to be supported”

in partnership with the Finnish Foundation for Media and Development (VIKES) with funding from the European Mission for Somalia concluded three– day training workshop in Garowe for thirty women journalists from the regions of Mudug, Nugaal, Karkaar, Bari and Sanaag of Puntland State. The women journalists are working for various media stations.

During the training program intending to improve the professional and technical capacity of the women journalists working for the media in Somalia will specifically focus on the camera skills (the system of shooting and modern techniques), the journalism ethics and the Somali media law.

In his opening remarks, Abaadir Abdulkadir Elmi, Chairman of FESOJ briefly explaining the training said “We have the honor today to kick off training empowering women journalists from the various media sectors of Puntland. During the course of the workshop conducted by VIKES in support with the EU, the women journalists will take lessons relating with video shooting skills and camera use.”

Furthermore, Mohamed Dahir Aysane, the Chairman of Media Association of Puntland (MAP) welcomed the capacity building for the women journalists working in the regions of Puntland and appreciated FESOJ and VIKES for the joint cooperation in conducting the training workshop.

“ It’s important to promote the capacity of the women journalists, and we support the initiative, it is the first time we see women journalists training other women journalists, and we thank FESOJ and VIKES taking part in the efforts of empowering the women journalists.” Amina Osman Haghi , Minister of Women of Puntland state said attending in closing the workshop. She added if you accept; at the end of the training program, we would like to give encouragement reception for the women facilitators of the workshop.

Puntland Minster of Women Amina Osman Haji also said "I am so delighted to witness the opening ceremony of media training for 30 female journalists in Puntland. We commend the organizers for this unique initiative and capacity building interventions. Women journalists are courageous and deserve to be supported"

In conclusion, Ahmed Hassn Sabarey, Minister of Information of Puntland State who official closed the workshop said “ I am very pleased to see 30 women journalists coming from the regions of Puntland attending training here, I appreciate FESOJ and VIKES and the facilitators, I hope the training improved the capacity of women journalists working in Puntland State.”