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“Farmaajo came with only a suit and a briefcase to become Prime Minister in 2011

“Farmaajo came with only a suit and a briefcase to become Prime Minister in 2011"Ex President Sharif Says

Former Somalia President Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmed on Monday turned his canons towards Villa Somalia and accused  the seating President Mohamed Abdullah Farmaajo of taking the country to the wrong path. Addressing the media at his Mogadishu home a day after aviation authorities blocked him from flying to Kismayo to attend the swearing in ceremony of Jubbaland leader Ahmed Madoobe, Ahmed accused the Federal government of violating basic rights. Ahmed confirmed to the media that he was indeed barred from flying to Kismayo and accused Farmaajo of “focusing on fighting politicians” at the expense of fighting militant group Alshabaab. “If the government has neglected the war against Al-Shabaab, the people of Somalia need to come together for guidance,” Ahmed said “What happened to me yesterday is a small issue, it is something that I can forget, but I feel that something bigger is being destroyed. I see the Somali government losing its dignity and sovereignty, and to avoid that we have to unite to protect our nation,” the former president added. He called on Somalis and the international community to address what he termed as “political tension” in Somalia. “Farmaajo came with only a suit and briefcase to become prime minister in 2011" he said of the current President who served under his administration as the Premier. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed served as president of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia between 2009 and 2012.