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At least 3 killed in  suicide car bomb  explosion  in Mogadishu

At least 3 killed in suicide car bomb explosion in Mogadishu

At least 3 civilians were killed six injured when a suicide car bomb exploded at a Mogadishu junction. The VBIED’s intended target was a taxation office near the junction. Security forces exchanged gunfire with the car’s occupants; some of the soldiers have been wounded. The militants drove a van laced with high grade explosives and detonated the SVIED at the famous Ex-Control Afgoye junction security checkpoint. 3 People were killed and security officers manning the checkpoint were mortally wounded in the attack. The death toll is likely to increase based on imagery detailing the scene of the event. The attack affected a passenger stop-and pick-up points for vehicles. The imagery details extensive damage on vehicles and business places further increasing chances of higher casualties of multiple injuries from shrapnel and the explosion. The attacks came after Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen recent threats of conducting punitive attacks targeting the Federal Government (FGS) and the African Mission in Somalia Coalition troops (AMISOM). The terror group began the month of September with a suicide attack in Mogadishu and an assault at the port town of Baraawe by targeting an MAT airstrip. The attacks only dampens the short while of calm in the capital and days after the new Mayor issued a statement claiming he would prioritize security despite his deputy being targeted by the terror group. In Baraawe, the militants conducted an overnight assault targeting a military aviation transport base. The attackers fired RPG’s and machine gunfire as an AMISOM plane was offloading military supplies.