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Puntland Accuses PM Khaire Of Breaking Protocol & Causing Tension In Galkayo

Puntland Accuses PM Khaire Of Breaking Protocol & Causing Tension In Galkayo

Somalia's northwestern state of Puntland administration as hit at the Prime Minister accusing him of creating tension in Galmudug.
In a press conference held in Garowe late Wednesday Puntland's Interior Minister Mohamed Abdirahman Dhaban'aad said PM Khaire broke all protocol that had been arranged by the regional state ahead of his visit.
He was reacting to Khaire's meet the people trip in Galkaayo where he held a meeting with the youth  of the North  Galkaayo town.
" Galkaayo is a peaceful town but the PM is creating unnecessary tension that may lead to violence. This is a sensitive town" Mohamed told reporters.
" We are shocked by the behaviour of the Prime Minister.
According to Mohamed the administration had prior to Khaire's visit arranged a meeting between the Premier and local elders but he declined and instead chose to meet organized youth.
He farther claimed that the PM turned down a question amd answers forum arranged by the administration.
It has also emerged that the PM declined an offer by the regional authorities to have him protected by Puntland soldiers and instead was accompanied by SNA soldiers in a  20 vehicle convoy. Puntland had also prepared accomodation for the Premier.
Puntland relation with the Federal governmwnt has recently been strained causing tension between Mogadishu and Garowe.
Radio Dalsan learnt that the PM had earlier had a 5 hour tour of the north Galkaayo.