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Mogadishu mayor Outlaws Wearing  Military Uniform

Mogadishu mayor Outlaws Wearing Military Uniform

The Mayor of Mogadishu Abdirahman Omar Osman Yarisow has warned that no civilian will henceforth be allowed to put on military uniforms within the jurisdiction. The move is seen as an effort to curb criminals who have been donning the fatigue, imposing the officers as they seek to commit crimes. Also affected by the directive are private security guards who have been wearing the uniforms as apart of their identity. On Monday July 8th two militants dressed in army fatigue were killed on Monday by the police after shoot out. The Mayor spoke during weekly security meeting in Mogadishu, in which it was agreed that senior government officials to implement the decision. The owners of the public service vehicles operating in the city mainly rickshaw were drivers also ordered to registered automobiles.