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Somalia cuts ties with Guinea over  Somaliland President Visit

Somalia cuts ties with Guinea over Somaliland President Visit

Somalia has cut diplomatic ties with Guinea over a red carpet reception of the Somaliland president. President Muse Bihi arrived in Conakry for a two day visit where he was received by his host Alpha Konde, who rolled him a red carpet. The move comes in the same week Somalia wrote a protest note after a senior government official recognition of Somaliland. The latest move by Somalialand was one of the latest diplomatic charm offensive that the country has embarked on as it seeks international recognition. Somalia has maintained that the breakaway region is not autonomous and has not been keen in holding meetings to thaw the cold relations between the two. Somaliland has been engaging various Countries like Ethiopia, the UAE, Djibouti and various International Organizations and agencies, and has established successful Bilateral Agreements that have paved way for development and mutual benefit for Somaliland and its Partners. However, Somalia has continuously protested and complained with regards to Somaliland’s engagements. Recently, The United Kingdom’s Defence Secretary Mr. Gavin Williamson on his trip to Hargeisa met with the President of Somaliland H.E, Muse Bihi and held discussions on strengthening of bilateral relations.