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Premature IED Detonation Kills 4 Al-Shabaab Militants in  Garissa, Kenya

Premature IED Detonation Kills 4 Al-Shabaab Militants in Garissa, Kenya

Somali based terror group Harakat Shabaab Mujahideen has dealt a huge blow after 4 group’s operatives were killed while planting an IED in Hulugho Sub-county of Garissa in Kenya. The IED prematurely detonated killing the four terror operatives. The IED was targeted at Kenya security patrol teams that are frequent in this area. This is the same place one officer of the KDF morning patrol team was killed by an IED. A number of militants were also injured in the 3 a.m. incident near a bridge in Lamu East, said Lamu security operation director Joseph Kanyiri. "I can confirm that four of the militants died from an IED explosion," he said. "It seems the device went off before they were done setting it up, killing three militants on the spot while another died a few minutes later. "Three badly charred bodies were recovered on the scene while another was picked up a few meters away. It seems he was trying to get away but succumbed to injuries," Kanyiri added. The area falls within the infamous Boni forest where a security operation, dubbed Linda Boni, has been underway since 2015 to flush out militants there. The militants have been using the forest to stage attacks on local civilians and security personnel. There is high risk of terrorist attacks as Al-Shabaab increased presence has been reported along the upper and lower northeastern prefectures of Kenya, close to the border with Somalia.