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Mogadishu Mayor Lauds Development and Security Progress in the City

Mogadishu Mayor Lauds Development and Security Progress in the City

The Mogadishu MayorAbdirahman Omar Osman "Eng.Yarisow" has said that the city has made commendable steps towards the attainment of security and development.

He said that although the city seen an upsurge in terror attacks in February, the partnership with the police established checkpoints manned by 3000 soldiers across  the 17 districts.

 He also highlighted that the introduction of stop and search of vehicles and  establishment and citizen policing had considerably reduced crime rates.

"For the last 3 weeks, on a daily basis, I chaired the security meetings between the security institutions and our administration, as well as representatives from the Ministry of Security and the Office of the PM. We discuss the findings of the evaluation and monitoring and share their analysis at the meeting".

He lamented that despite the strides made, there were still challenges.

" I’d like to stress that despite our best efforts, we still have enormous challenges that we need to overcome, such as lack of resources that is preventing us in the implementation of Mogadishu security plan that has been proven to work in the last few months".

He said they  have embarked on more community engagement and public awareness, during Ramadan, as I partook in the round checks of all districts, including Bakara Market.

He said efforts are being  made to find a lasting solution for the security and economic hardships faced by the region and it is a priority for us to find solutions for their standard of living, including at a minimum, access to adequate food, water, housing, health care and basic education and access to other essential items along with tenure security and protection of vulnerable groups such as women and children.

"I’m proud to highlight the recent achievement of the DSU, as we have established the first durable solution’s coordination working group in Mogadishu, the coordination forum brings together key governmental entities, UN agencies, NGOs and donors to synergize Durable Solution related interventions in Benadir Region and provide strategic guidance on delivering sustainable solutions to the lives of displacement affected communities. The Coordination takes place once every two months under the leadership of BRA and feeds regional plans toward displacement solutions", said the Mayor.

He said that soon, they would commence the building on 300 housing units for IDPs.

"The issue of IDP is a global issue and needs global solution- better coordination is the only way out"

He also said that Benadir's  Public spending is in line with available resources and development priorities of the  Regional Administration and Mogadishu Municipality.

"Transparency and accountability are features of our self funded public financial management system in BRA Mogadishu Municipality, one of the best in the country:

He lamented  that they faced have enormous challenges as people are not paying taxes, and our law enforcement not strong enough to enforce the collections- therefore in order to overcome this above mentioned challenges, we urgently need your support in this area, whether it be capacity building or budgetary support, until we are able to self sustain ourselves.

"I am confident in the spirit and resilience, we will be able to raise some funds, but we may still need your support in this area.I am also very glad to report to you the community of Yaqshid District came together, to build a 3 story building, which is almost complete, with the help of the community", he said.

The four targeted districts were the ones doing more community engagement, service delivery, raising local taxes, where they we able to unify the community. I am very pleased to share with you that the people said enough is enough and all these districts are in the process of completing the building work, and soon will be fully functioning and serving the community. Terrorists destroyed our institutions, but we are determined to rebuild to show our resilience.

He said they  are building markets in Daynile, Karan, and areas devastated by recurring fires in Bakara Market. We are building Mogadishu Sports complex, Playgrounds, and a number of soccer fields, such as Qoobdore in Karan with the support of USAID TIS+.

"Under flood management scheme, we have renovated water catchment centres in KM4 and Hamarweyne, with the support of Norway via NIS. We have also renovated Bondhere watercatchment centre with the support through SSF, but we still need to do more on this area as we have a huge problem during rainy season. This year we were well prepared in preventing damages on flooding, even though the rainy season is still underway"

"We have begun the building of 19 community roads with the support of Germany via Wold Bank as the first community road building is underway in Hamar-Jajab district. I am very pleased that the EU has shown their commitment to support us in the remaining community roads in the city"

Her added  that  they  rehabilitated the Solar lights in some parts of the city, but we need more and more as lights will deter crimes and terrorists activities.

The rehabilitation of Mogadishu Stadium is underway, and once is completed it will hugely help  young people as sports activities can help us prevent our youths to join terrorists.

We now have Benadir Regional Roadmap inline with the FGS roadmap. On a weekly basis we have an accountability meetings, all sub groups of roadmap also meet weekly. The three thematic areas area Security, Politics & Juctice, Economic Development and Social Services.

We established Monitoring & Evaluation department that will ensure that all tasks are implemented. n terms of the implementation of our road map, it is without a doubt that we are facing resource limitation, especially in funding and technical capacity. We hope that the international partners will commit support for BRA road maps.

In the first quarter of this year and to date, we have achieved a number of our road maps and milestones. The key ones are as follows:

Finalization of Regional Procurement policy and it’s audit manual to ensure transparency, accountability, fair competition and value for money in all procurement practices we do. We started roads infrastructure rehabilitation in Mogadishu including tarmac roads, interlock and feeder roads. As I mentioned earlier, we have finalized the rehabilitation of 4 main water catchments in Mogadishu as well as drainage systems To improve city cleaning and environmental protection, as Mayor, I signed a by-law for solid waste management for Mogadishu to ensure lawful enforcement regarding sanitation/Hygiene in the city We finished first phase of Municipal employee biometric data to improve accountability as well as capacity development We have started to review and streamline the municipal Financial management policy and manual in line with the BRA FMIS which is key policy for the Financial control, transparency and integrity"

We are in the process to finalizing the Benadir Development Plan, that went through series consultation with key stakeholders and yesterday we held one of these consultation where representatives from ministries of the FGS were present. BDP is inline with the National Development Plan. It sets out our key priorities- that consists of 6 key thematic areas: