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New Guidelines For Regional State Elections  Announced
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New Guidelines For Regional State Elections Announced

Interior and Federal Affairs Ministry has released a raft of new guidelines which might see the postponement of regional elections in some states. Key among the new rules is the inclusive selection of delegates from the regional assembly who will be part of the electoral college to elect the new regional administration. It also gives the responsibility of declaring the winner of the elections to the Interior, Federal and Reconciliation Ministry in the presence of international observers. The Federal government maintained that the move was meant to ensure a free and fair process with equal representation of all interest groups. Jubbaland leader, Ahmed Mohamed Islam, said that his state's preparations for the polls were already in top gear and that they will not be forced to push the exercise ahead. . The Federal Interior and Reconciliation Ministry’s new move are also expected to affect Galmudug regional state elections, though Dhusamareb based leadership of Ahmed Gelle Haaf hinted possible extension during the recent meeting in Garowe.