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Somalia's Celebrated Female Soldier Who Sacrificed Her Life & Lost 3 Husbands To Alshabab  Attacks

Somalia's Celebrated Female Soldier Who Sacrificed Her Life & Lost 3 Husbands To Alshabab Attacks

At exactly 11.00pm one of Somalia's celebrated career soldier had stopped over at the Monument of the unknown Soldier security checkpoint in Mogadishu's Bondheere district. Major Fatuma Ali was in the company of her husband 2nd Lt. Bishar Muse headed to a hospital in the city to pick up their admitted baby one of the 9 babies she had bored as a mother. They were stuck at the checkpoint in a queue. 11.04pm a huge explosion hit and destroyed Major Ali's military vehicle. A car suicide bomber had detonated himself at the security checkpoint queue just behind the military vehicle. A huge plume of smoke goes up while on the ground the female career soldier and her husband were seriously hit  succumbing to their injuries. A sad end to the life of a celebrated military officer fondly known as "Fay Ali" a role model to many a female who had sacrificed a lot for peace in a country still struggling to secure it's territory from an ongoing insurgency by militant group Alshabaab. 2nd Lt. Muse was Fay Ali's third husband. She had lost two of her previous husbands to  Alshabaab attacks. This time she died alongside the love of her life Muse. Fay Ali's career goes back a decade ago when she was enlisted into the SNA and deployed in the frontlines  in Mogadishu that saw militant group Alshabaab routed out of the capital after years of control in some districts. A colleague in SNA recalled how she displayed her bravery in the offensives against Alshabaab in 2011 when she served as a guard for President Sheikh Sharif at the Villa Somalia presidential palace. " She defended the Villa Somalia against Alshabaab attacks back then. She was also involved in the retake of Bakara Market which was one of the bloodiest figjtings ever experienced in Mogadishu" a military official close to Major Fay Ali told Dalsan Media. She broke many barriers in the military as the first female company commander. Fay Ali served as a Chief of Operations for the US trained Danaab Somalia Special Forces going into history as the first Somali female operations chief for both Brigade 3 and Danaab. Fay Ali was highly respected by allied forces under Amisom having worked closely with the peacekeeping troops during the 2011 offensive against AlShabaab. A 3 week old baby and 8 other children the eldest being 16 have been left  orphans. Salute to Major Fay Ali. She paid the ultimate price for peace in Somalia.