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Somalia leaders  kicked out of Kenya  diplomatic spat arrive in Mogadishu

Somalia leaders kicked out of Kenya diplomatic spat arrive in Mogadishu

he Somalia Minister and MPs arrived back blocked from entering Kenya arrived in Mogadishu this morning, effectively skipping a meeting that had been scheduled with the European Union. The three junior Minister of Water and Energy Osman Libah and legislators Ilyas Ali Hassan and Zamzam Dahir arrived in Mogadishu in the morning after an overnight stay at the airport. Ironically, their counterparts who hold other nationalities were allowed in. Planning Minister Gamal Mohamed, National Security Advisor Abdi Said Ali and Health Minister Dr Fowyziya Abikar after producing European and Canadian passports respectively. Kenyan diplomatic hierarchy have remained mum at the embarrassing situation, given that the government officials were traveling on diplomatic passports. Traditionally, under a bilateral arrangement, diplomatic passport holders are granted entry visas at ports of entry. The latest move is seen as a diplomatic assault on Somalia by Kenya, who only recently blocked direct flights to Nairobi, directing that all planes from Somalia stop at Wajir for security checks. The two countries have been at logger heads over oil fields, a case that has since been taken up by the International Court of Justice. On Tuesday morning, Kenyan police men raided and closed 5 Hawals operated by Somalia nationals. It was not clear why the raid was conducted despite the fact that the business men had all the needed permits.