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Wadajir Party changes leadership structure, Welcomes new members
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Wadajir Party changes leadership structure, Welcomes new members

Somalia leading opposition outfit Wadajir party has made a raft of changes on its leadership structure that has seen new faces take office, as it seeks to accommodate new members. Saciid Muuse Cabdi Baale has taken over as Chairman while  Abdirahaman Abdishakur retains his position. the move follows  the joining by new members, which includes politicians and journalists. The announcement comes against the backdrop of several closed-door meetings that the party has been holding as it seeks to expand its reach ahead of the next presidential election. Wadajir has been on the forefront of keeping the federal government on its toes on issues related to governance. Mr Abdishakur, the outgoing party leader has on several occasions taken the government head-on, leading to confrontations. Here is the full list of the leaders:
1. Sicid Muse Cabdi –Chairman
2. Sacid Ali Malin Abdulle-Deputy Chairman (former Director of Mogadishu Port)
3. Abdfitax Gesey- Secretary General (Former minister of Public Works)
4. Abdiweli Garyaye-  Deputy Secretary General  (Veteran Journalist)
5. Ahmed Abi Adan-Media communication Specialist
6. Abdilatif Muse Nur-Secretary of Political Affairs
7.  Abdhakim Ainte-Secretary of Foreign Affairs.
8. Sadat Aliyow-Secretary of Interior Federal Affairs.
9. Shidor Haji Maxumud-Finance Secretary (Former Villa Somalia Communication Director)
10. Maxmed Cumar Maalim- Secretary of Planning and Training.
11. Abdisalm Omar-Secretary of community Affairs.