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Government Finally Names New Central Bank  of Somalia Governor
Somali News

Government Finally Names New Central Bank of Somalia Governor

After over a year of search and speculations, the government has finally settled on Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi for the top job at the Central Bank of Somalia. The announcement ends long held speculations that a foreigner had been earmarked for the for the position, igniting disquiet among politicians and professionals. Until his appointment, Abduallahi was the senior economic policy advisor in the office of the Prime Minister for two years. He has a background in finance and banking. On Thursday, Somali cabinet has reportedly approved the appointment of Abdirahman Mohamed Abdullahi as the next central bank governor. Abdullahi is said to have been a key player in the ongoing financial reforms and the 30% internal revenue increase reported by the government last year. Initially there were report that the government had settled on a foreigner, Nigel Roberts. The speculations were reinforced by the move by the parliament to amend the constitution to allow foreign nationals to serve as central bank governor. Abdirahman Mohamed Abdulahi started his career as revenue collection officer at the Ministry of Finance in Somalia in 1986 For the most part of his adult life Abdirahman has workedin Norway, UK, Yemen and Horn of Africa, where he acquired over 20 years of extensive working experience in both government and private sector including senior management roles in the financial sector. Abdirahman holds Masters degree in Finance and International Banking(MSC) from Liverpool John Moores University (JMU) in England and Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Norwegian University if Technology and Science (NTNU).