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SNA  Troops  Pullout of 3 bases of pay delay
Somali News

SNA Troops Pullout of 3 bases of pay delay

The Somalia National Army troops vacated three bases as the stand off over delayed salaries persisted. SNA troop vacated Mahaday, Bala’d and Quilimow in Middle Shebelle yesterday, sparking fear among residents that Al-Shabab would take control of the towns. The troops yesterday camped at Jowhar town. On Monday, Prime Minister Hassan Khaire explained that the soldiers who had not been paid had failed to register with the government. He added that they will be paid once they are fully registered. On Monday, Al-Shabab troop took over Bal’ad, burning government vehicles and freeing detainees. They were later repulsed by a combined force of government troops and Amisom.