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Al-Shabab Brags Over  Captured Somalia Army APC

Al-Shabab Brags Over Captured Somalia Army APC

Al-Shabab has openly displayed pictures an Armored Personnel Carrier belonging to the Somalia National Army. A statement by the group says that the APC was part of the assortment of weapons and vehicles the militants captured from the SNA. They have since dispatched the APC to Lower Shabelle in the South West Federal state, the region where they were engaged in fierce battle with the Ethiopian troops attached to AMISOM last week. The photos show the Al Shabab flag pasted on the APC sides, a fighter standing on the vehicle spreading the black flag above it, and a number of other actions to hammer home that the APC is actually there and not a doctored picture. The disclosure of the arms capture by the militant groups puts the Somalia government in an awkward situation, days after it denied that its weapons were ending up in the arms of Al-Shabab and other armed groups operating within the territory. While Kenya police maintained that  they confirmed that three out of the five guns used in last week’s terrorist attacks on a Nairobi hotel were initially bought by the Federal Government of Somalia, Somalia government through the presidential advisor on National security Abdisaid Ali said the statement were incorrect. He said on his twitter handle “fact check, the attackers were from Kenya and are Kenyan citizens. There was no evidence shared with the Federal Government of Somalia. Disregard statements that “Could” or “appear as fake news”. The Kenyan sources said a preliminary ballistic examination of the guns showed that their serial number markings, although partially erased, were similar to the ones used by the Somali security forces. The SNA this month received 63 APC from Qatar to boost its war against the terrorist, who reacted saying that they had weaponry to match the new acquisition.