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Puntland Publishes List Of 66 Mps That Will Elect Regions President

Puntland Publishes List Of 66 Mps That Will Elect Regions President

Somalia's northwesterm semin autonomous Puntland state has published names of the Members of Parliament who will vote in the January elections.
The list released on Monday has 66 nominated parliamentarians who will elect the new president of Puntland on the 8th of January 2019.
So far 29 candidates are vying for the presidency including the incumbent.
They are as follows:
 1- C/risaaq Cabdulaahi Jaamac (Janna-gale)
2- Abduqaadir Yaasin Abdule
3- Siciid C/llaahi Maxamed (Deni)
4- Cabdiwali Maxamed Cali Gaas
5- Assad Cismaan Cabdullahi (Diyaano)
6- Cali Cabdi Awaare
7- Daahir Mire Jibriil
8- Dr. Bashiir Maxamed Xuseen
9- Gen. Khaliif Ciise mudan
10- Cabdi Faarax Siciid (Juxa)
11- Siciid Maxamed Xirsi (S.Dheere)
12- Dr. Aadan Maxamed Ciise (Gaadaale)
13- Faarax Cali Shire Jaamac
14- Jibriil Maxamed Yuusuf (Saajin)
15- Cali Xaaji Warsame Axmed
16- Maxamed Cismaan Cali Maad
17- Maxamud Cabdi Yare (Garlibaax)
18- Cabdisamad Maxamed Gallan
19- Maxamed C/llaahi X. Xuseen Shoortaaye
20- C/wali Cabdiraxman Geyre
21- Cali Axmed Gamuute
22- Maxamed Siciid Xirsi Moorgan
23- Maxamed Axmed jaamac Shaaalle
24- Xaaji Maxamed Yaasiin Ismaaciil
25- Maxamed Salaad Cali (Qoryooley)
26- Xuseen Axmed xasan fiqi
27- Dr. Saadiq Maxamed Axmed (Eenow)
28- Maxamed C/laahi Xuseen
29- Maxamud Khaliif Xasan (Jabiye)
Puntland administration last week introduced measures to ensure a smooth election and at the same time avert what it terms as possible interference from the federal governement.
Federal government officials have been banned from travelling to the state during preparation for the elections and the poll day.
Puntland jas conducted indirect presidential and parliamentary elections in 1998, 2001, 2005 and 2014.
Abdiweli Gaas is the fifth president of the region and is seeks another five year term.