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Shabaab Declares War On IS Militants, Dismisses Them As

Shabaab Declares War On IS Militants, Dismisses Them As "Clanist" & "Cancer"

Somalia militant group Al-Shabaab has vowed to destroy the pro-Islamic State militants in Somalia. In an audio released on Thursday the group's spokesperson Ali Mohamud Rage called the Pro ISIS militants “disease” and “cancer”. He said that the Alqaeda linked militant group had given orders to it's fighters to “uproot” IS militants on Somalia. Alshabaab accused IS of targeting business people and killing Al-Shabaab fighters. Ali Dheere dismissed the group as “liars, untrustworthy, conniving, and treacherous” Last Friday Al-Shabaab fighters made a surprise attack on a group of militants in the Al-Miskaad mountains killing three and capturing one. On Saturday IS launched a revenge attack amd claimed to have killed 14 Alshabaab fighters and lost 3. The two militant groups later clashed in Mirale. A US airstrike is reported to have targeted the area dispersing the militants In recent months the Pro IS group led by the Puntland based Sheikh Abdulkadir Mumin has been targeting businesses and staff of Some of Somalia's top companies after  apparently resisting to pay extortion. AlShabaab who's finaces largely depend on extortion was angered by this latest move from the  pro IS militants.