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"We Will Not Be Cowed" PM Khaire Reacts To Impeachment Motion

Somalia government has broken its silence on the filing of an impeachment motion by a section of Mps seeking to have President Mohamed Abdullagi Farmaajo fired for allegedly "violating" the constitution. Speaking in Doha Qatar to the Somali community living in the gulf state Khaire said the executive will not be cowed by the Mps move. "With us in power, I'm promising you that we will not allow to be cowed nor will we allow to be driven away from the right path. We  will not accept to be blackmailed" Khaire said. "With us in power, the president and I will not seek respect from the enemies of  progress but rather to the Somali citizens". The President and Prime Minister had remained silent over the matter that threw the country into a fresh political crisis pitting Speaker Mohamed Mursal and the executive. The Mps accuse Farmaajo of sigining " secret agreements" with Ethiopian and Eritrea, interference of regional politics and extradition of ONLF's Qalbi Dhagah.   According to Villa Somalia the motion is the "work of foreign countries" it declined to name. The motion remains pending after the Secretary General of Parliament announced 14 out of  92 Mps said to have signed it opted out. The president can only be unseated by a joint session of the parliament 276 the Lower House and  54 Upper House with a two third majority.