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MP, 10 Killed In Baidoa Unrests Over Robow Arrest

MP, 10 Killed In Baidoa Unrests Over Robow Arrest

At least eleven people are confirmed dead after two days of violent protests in the Southwest administrative headquarters Baidoa, Radio Dalsan reports.
Among the dead is regional MP Abdishakir Yaqub Ibrahim who was killed in a shooting that is yet to be confirmed if it is linked to the ongoing unrest.
Ibrahim headed the regional Parliament sub-committee on security.
Residents for the secind day.took to the streets blocked the main roads with stones and burning tires as they demanded for Robow to be freed.
Ethiopian military tanks later patrolled the town center which by late afternoon had calmed but the tension persisted according to Radio Dalsan reporter on the ground.
Robow a former deputy Alshabaab and candidate in the upcoming regional elections was arrested by Ethiopian troops following gunfight with his militia after attending a consultative meeting of candidates at the Presidential Palace Baidoa.
He is been held at the NISA headquarters in the capital Mogadishu.
The Southwest election commission has confirmed that the December 19 polls to elect the region's leader will go on as scheduled