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Southwest Federal Mps Demand Release Of  Robow, Want Polls  Postponed

Southwest Federal Mps Demand Release Of Robow, Want Polls Postponed

Federal Mps representing the Southwest constituents in the Somalia Federal Parliament have condemned the arrest of regional presidential candidate and former deputy Alshabaab Mukhtar Robow's Thursday arrest. They have termed the arrest a "Kidnapping". "The  kidnapping Sh Mukhtar Robow is regrettable. He is a Southwest presidential candidate who fulfilled the requirements" a statement released the Mps partly read. "We request for the Federal Government for his release so that he may participate in the expected election" it added. The Mps want the poll's date to be pushed to enable Robow to participate. "All SW responsible authorities, we request that the election be postponed till current political crisis is stabilized" the statement read. "It’s regrettable that the Ethiopian AMISOM soldiers, specially those  in Southwest region, have become mixed in with Somalia’s internal political affairs, and are used to interfere, and insight instability to propagate FGS desires surrounding SW elections" the Mps said. Robow was arrested by Ethiopian troops following gunfight with his militia after attending a consultative meeting of  candidates at the Presidential Palace Baidoa. He is been held at the NISA headquarters in the capital Mogadishu. The Southwest election commission has confirmed that the December 19 elections will go on as scheduled.