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Mukhtar Robow In Dramatic Arrest, Accused Of

Mukhtar Robow In Dramatic Arrest, Accused Of "Smuggling Weapons"

Somalia government farther accuses Robow of not giving up "extremist ideology". Former Alshabaab Deputy leader Mukhtar Robow is under detention in the Somalia capital Mogadishu after a dramatic arrest by Ethiopian troops in Baidoa. The fighting between Robow militia and Ethiopian troops is said to have erupted around the presidential palace before Robow. A statement from the Ministry of Security confirmed the arrest. Somalia government accuses Robow of violating terms of agreement by "smuggling weapons" into Baidoa, arming his militia and threatening security. Robow is in the race for the southwest elections scheduled for December 19. The government which is backing two other candidates had earlier unsuccessfully tried to bar his candidature.