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3 Injured In Baidoa Anti- Famaajo Protests

3 Injured In Baidoa Anti- Famaajo Protests

school girl and two others were injured on Tuesday when clashes erupted between anti- Farmaajo demonstrators and security agents in the Southwest administrative capital Baidoa.
The demonstrator took to the streets to show support to the Speaker of the Somalia Parliament Mohamed Mursal who has been under pressure from the executive since accepting the filing of an impeachment motion against Presidnt Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo.
According to Dalsan reporter who was covering the protests Federal police and SNA soldiers fired to the air to disperse the demonstrators.
There was an exchange of fire between the government security agents and bodyguards of local politicians who were taking part in the demos.
Three people were caught up in the crossfire and injured.
Speaker Mursal hails from the Southwest region.