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MPs  File Impeachment Motion Against Farmaajo

MPs File Impeachment Motion Against Farmaajo

A section of Somali Mps on Sunday officially filed a motion of impeachment against President Mohamed Abdullahi Farmaajo. The Mps met Speaker of the Somalia Upper House Mohamed Mursal Abdirahman and presented him with a signed copy of the motion. Among the reasons why the Mps want Farmaajo impeached is the recent tripartite agreement between Somalia, Eritrea and Ethiopia. The Mps are concerned at Farmaajo's "agreement" to the proposed Horn of Africa unification under one president as announced by Ethiopian PM Ahmed Abiy at the tripartite meeting. The Mps have farther expressed their displeasure at this year's signing of a deal with Ethiopia that will give the land-locked country access to three Somali ports. The controversial 2017 extradition of former ONLF commander Abdirahman Muse Qalbi Dhagah to Ethiopia has been mentioned as a reason to have Farmaajo impeached. The Mps term the extradition a constitution breach. Radio Dalsan contacted the Villa Somalia officials  on the impending motion. According to Villa Somalia the motion is a machination of a foreign countries it declined to name.